Brexit – FSA consultation on proposed changes to the EU Health and Identification Markings

When the UK leaves the EU, the letters ‘EU’ or ‘EC’ within the current marks will no longer be permitted.   To provide for this change, the FSA is proposing to amend the current health and identification mark by removing these prefixes and is opening up a consultation to receive views and further information from the industry on the proposed changes and their potential impact.

The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Seek the views of stakeholders regarding the proposed changes to the form of the UK health and identification mark.
  • Seek stakeholder’s views on FSA proposals to allow industry to use up packaging bearing the old identification mark, once the UK leaves the EU, for domestic use only to minimise the impact of costs and waste on industry.
  • Seek views on what length of time is considered proportionate to allow industry to use up packaging bearing the old identification mark.
  • Ask industry to provide evidence about the impact of the changes we are proposing.

You can read more about the consultation and provide input here.

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