Food Defence in BRC, IFS and SQF

As mentioned in the RQA newsletter last month, the BRC Food standard, Issue 7 mentions risk 97 times. In contrasts, the word threat is only present once; in the context of historical and developing threats to the supply chain. TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Points) is not mentioned in BRC Food defence is mentioned in only one of the BRC clauses (1.1.3  Management Review). The key focus for BRC in this area is the supply chain vulnerability assessment which is referred to twice in BRC. The requirement to carry out a vulnerability assessment has been a recent focus with RQA clients requiring training and support to develop their vulnerability assessment to meet these and other customers requirements.

The IFS Food Standard, Version 6, 2014 mentions 120 times. TACCP is not mentioned and neither is Threat or vulnerability assessment. Whereas food defense is mentioned 17 times. The focus is certainly on food defence and there is much content within the IFS Food Standard and associated guidelines relating to that; specifically with focus on site security risk management.

SQF Code Edition 7.2, 2014, mentions risk 335 times across at its modules. TACCP is not mentioned and neither is vulnerability assessment. Threat is mentioned 18 times and food defense 11 times. This shows that food defense is the encompassing term in the US market where SQF is prevalent.

Food defence and supply chain vulnerability will no doubt continue to gain momentum in 2016 with more companies expected to fully risk assess their supply chains and challenge their food defence resilience both on site and with suppliers and during transportation.

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