Product Inspections

RQA offer an international product inspection service. We can send in a team of our field personnel to check your product in warehouses, distribution centres or even at first arrival at ports. RQA are there as third party, independent inspectors to assess potential damage on arrival, or to check the product or packaging against set quality or safety attributes defined by you. Inspections could be either as part of on-going supply chain quality checks or to assess product for suitability to be put back in the supply chain. For example, following an incident in transit such as a damaged shipping container or as a result of a fire or flood in a warehouse or production area, you may want to assess and sort product as “good” or “bad” based on your quality standards. We can also sort product following a product withdrawal or recall and ensure that any incorrectly returned stock unaffected by the cause of the recall action is returned to the supply chain.

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Example 1
The US division of a large multinational company requested RQA assistance with quality checks on shipments of their product that had been exported to Europe. This involved RQA sending inspectors into multiple warehouses to inspect hundreds of incoming pallets. If problems were identified via the initial “AQL” (Acceptance Quality Limit) check then 100% pallet inspections were carried out. We had up to 20 inspectors working 12 hours shifts and the project lasted for several weeks. The result was that the client was able to place a significant percentage of product back into the supply chain that would have otherwise been destroyed.

Example 2
A client contacted RQA after one of their containers was damaged in transit. We sent one of our product inspectors onsite as an independent third party to assess the damage and record their findings. A short report was written with photos to document their inspection. This assisted the client in claiming financial compensation from the shipping company.

Product Inspections - RQA Group offer an international product inspection service

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