EU Food Fraud Network Report 2018

The recently published report from the EU Food Fraud Network shows a significant increase in the number of reported cases over the last 2 years.  Requests from one European country to cooperate with others on food fraud cases rose to 234 in 2018, compared to 178 in 2017 and 157 in 2016, and the cost of food fraud to the global food industry has been estimated at around EUR 30 billion every year.  Fish products category has the highest number of suspected food fraud violations, followed by meat and then fats & oils and over 40% of all reported violations were due to mislabelling. Worryingly, the figures in the report are reliant on voluntary reporting and do not include national level food fraud investigations, meaning that the actual number of food fraud cases could be a lot higher.

EU Food Fraud Network Report 2018.

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