RQA develop customised e-learning courses for our clients tailored to your business and brand.  These professional, engaging and informative courses cover a wide range of topics from induction training on food safety and hygiene, to strategic crisis management and tactical incident response training.  We can provide course content in all major languages and can also include subtitles and audio voiceover to meet client requirements.

Our e-learning training can be hosted on your Learning Management system (LMS) and if so, you only pay the development fee, no ongoing license charges. You can also keep record of all your learners and their participation and test scores.  Alternatively, we can also host the training for you if you don’t have an LMS. If you have a PowerPoint course that you usually deliver classroom style, we can develop an e-learning course from it to ensure your training continues whilst movement is restricted.

We want our courses to be key components of our clients’ training programmes and so we focus heavily on user engagement and learning opportunity.  Essentially the courses must be interesting and informative.  To achieve this we use an array of interactive “assets” to create engagement for the users in the course.

You can see some examples of the content and interactive assets in the images below, which can be tailored with your logo and brand colours. 


    1. Our specialist consultants will work with you to agree outline content of the course
    2. We will propose a structure, breaking the course into a number of discrete modules
    3. The text of the course will be developed in draft in MS Word or MS Powerpoint
    4. Engagement assets will be included and agreed
    5. Quizzes can be developed for each module with a major test at the end
    6. Script for voiceover and subtitles will be agreed
    7. The client will provide feedback and approval prior to on-line development
    8. The course content will be incorporated into “Storyline” by our design team and the assets will be reviewed by the client
    9. The e-learning course will be finalised and handed over to the client
    10. If relevant, the English version can be translated into multiple languages, with subtitles and voiceover
    11. The course is then ready to launch
The entire process typically takes 1 – 2 months, but this depends upon the scale and complexity of the course. Get in touch with us to discuss your exact requirements and we can provide a quote.
Click here to email us or call us on +44 (0)118 935 7242 to discuss your e-learning needs