Coronavirus Support Services

During these difficult and unprecedented times business must go on and RQA are here to help. We can assist you with both handling the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, and handling the normal quality and safety responsibilities that you have.

We have setup a hotline number which is available for urgent support with challenges you are facing relating to the coronavirus pandemic e.g. employee safety, business continuity, communications, hygiene monitoring and food safety. Our expert consultants are ready to help and can assist on a hourly rate basis, giving you the flexibility to draw on our advice as and when needed.

HOTLINE: +44(0)20 7118 0848 or email

Support can be remote and one-off, or we can arrange for a dedicated consultant for 2 or 3 days per week or month depending on your requirements. This support could include:

  • Advice on cleaning
  • Expert opinion on food & packaging borne transmission
  • Employee sickness policy
  • Communications (crisis and standard comms)
  • Expert microbiological advice
  • Remote auditing (click here for more)
  • Remote recall advice and support (in fact 90% of our incident support is delivered remotely in normal times)
  • Remote consultancy
  • Review pandemic plan to ensure you are ready
  • Remote training via Zoom

This can also be organised through the hotline or email us on

Call or email now to find out how we can help you through these challenging times.

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