Berkley Global Product Recall appoint RQA Group as Global Product Recall Consultants

Berkley Global Product Recall (BGPR) and RQA Group are very pleased to announce that RQA, as of January 1st 2019 will be the retained product recall consultant to BGPR and will support their product recall insurance policyholders worldwide, providing expert recall risk improvement consultancy and 24/7 product recall incident support.

Louis Lubrano, President of Berkley Global Product Recall Management, said about the announcement “We are delighted to have secured RQA as our global recall consultant. They have a wealth of experience in product recall which our clients will benefit from both during an actual incident and before, using the “pre-incident” risk management allowance we offer, helping our clients to improve their risk.”

The scope of pre-incident services is very broad and could include assistance with development of product recall plans, recall training and simulated exercises as well as a range of food safety and consumer product safety services designed to reduce risk.  In the case of a live incident, BGPR’s clients can call RQA’s BGPR-dedicated 24/7 incident response hotline and RQA will provide support as required including advice on development of an action plan, decision making, risk assessment, communication, testing, traceability and identifying sources of product fault or contamination.

Vince Shiers, Managing Director, RQA Group said, “With their highly respected place in the product recall insurance market and their global appetite, I am very pleased that BGPR have selected RQA, with our global reach and recall expertise, to be their consultants. It’s a perfect fit.”

About RQA Group

Founded in 1989, RQA is the leading global consultancy and training firm in the fields of crisis management, product recall, and business continuity. RQA offers its services across a broad range of industries and specialises in the food, consumer product and automotive sectors. They also work closely with the legal and insurance sectors, providing expert witness and consultancy services.

RQA can help businesses to develop product recall, crisis management and business continuity plans as well as train and test their product recall and crisis management teams. Also, our consultants can help businesses comply with retailer, customer, insurance and regulatory requirements.

With a network of crisis management consultants, product recall consultants, business continuity experts and product safety specialists based in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, RQA truly offers global solutions.

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About Berkey Global Product Recall

Berkley Global Product Recall Management (BGPR) is a premier provider of insurance and risk mitigation solutions for clients with product recall exposures. BGPR provides a broad suite of insurance programmes, including both first and third-party coverage, which can be tailored to fit the specific needs of clients in a wide spectrum of industry sectors. We help businesses grow with industry-leading insurance protection and support. We are a business partner who understands the implications of a recall and who can help businesses manage threats to their brand reputation and financial stability.

Our team of seasoned recall insurance professionals specialise in quickly and accurately identifying and responding to current and emerging risks in a constantly evolving environment. This underwriting expertise, alongside our global relationships, experienced claims support and world-class consulting services, means we are uniquely positioned to deliver worldwide protection and technical assistance to help business prevent, manage and recover from a loss before, during, and after product recall and contamination events. In short, we enable our clients to run their day-to-day business with confidence.

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