Are you ready for BRCGS Packaging Issue 6 audits?

If you are a Food Packaging Manufacturer, we are sure you know that issue 6 of the BRCGS Global Standard for Packaging Materials was published in August 2019. But, with the first audits in February 2020 and the Christmas period in between now and then, will you be ready?

Here is a reminder of the key changes:

  • Product Safety & Quality Culture – A new clause, 1.1.2, requires sites to set up, execute and review an action plan to improve product safety and quality culture
  • Environmental monitoring – Sites must now have environmental monitoring programmes so that action is taken before product contamination occur
  • Product security and product defence – The requirements have been amended with a need for a broader internal and external product defence assessment and product defence plan
  • Hygiene levels – The basic-level and high-level hygiene requirements have been consolidated into one level. The differing hygiene levels will be replaced by a risk-based approach, based on only one set of requirements
  • Process Waste Control – Clause 4.10.2. requires effective handling of process waste, particularly plastics, in order to reduce the environmental impact
  • Documented Inspections – Documented inspections are required (in addition to the internal audit programme) for hygiene and to identify risks to the product from buildings and equipment
  • Corrective and preventive action – The new version of the standard integrates specific requirements on corrective and preventive action (CAPA) related to root cause analysis into a structured continuous improvement approach
  • Product authenticity, claims and chain of custody – Addresses food fraud and product claims. A vulnerability assessment and plan are required.

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