Unusual Recalls

Below you will find the round up of the more unusual recalls we have come across recently:

Dead bat found in salad in the US:

A dead bat was found in a partially eaten bag of salad in Florida in the USA. The brand of salads were recalled from the supermarket stores they were sold at in the South-Eastern USA.


Exploding birthday candle in Australia:

Authorities have issued a recall on musical birthday candles in Australia as some products have exploded when the flame has come into contact with the battery compartment. This product is one of 38 products recalled from a discount retail store as they do not meet safety standards.


Product recall by Banksy:

Banksy had to issue a recall on the offer of a free print for anyone who voted against the Conservatives in the most recent UK election. Banksy had received communication from the Electoral Commission issuing a “warning” that his offer could “invalidate” the election.