RQA & Security Exchange Announce Strategic Alliance

RQA – Security Exchange Strategic Alliance – 10 April 2017


We are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance between RQA (incorporating RQA, Inc. in the Americas and RQA Group headquartered in London and covering the rest of world) and Security Exchange (SE) to provide comprehensive consultancy support to Product Recall underwriters, brokers and their insured clients. Founded on the two companies’ insurance market experience spanning over 25 years, the new partnership will combine their services and personnel to provide the recall insurance market with an unparalleled level of expertise and customer service on a global scale.


RQA’s President, Lawrence Platt said, “We are pleased to be working with Security Exchange in this highly specialized field.  Their services will add a whole new dimension to our own insurance market offering, enabling us together to provide clients with a truly comprehensive risk management portfolio on a global basis”.


Rupert Reid, Managing Director of Security Exchange, said, “We are delighted to be entering into a strategic alliance with RQA, the market leader in their field; and we are looking forward to being able to offer our clients access to their comprehensive range of product integrity services, creating an unprecedented support service for the insurance market”.


The new partnership will be launched during RIMS 2017 in Philadelphia (details to follow).


About RQA

Founded in 1989, RQA (combining RQA, Inc. in North and South America and RQA Group in EMEA and Asia Pacific) is the global leader in providing quality assurance and food safety consultancy and training to the food, consumer packaged goods and automotive industries with primary world area office in Chicago, London, Sydney and Hong Kong. Specialized insurance industry support services focus on Crisis Planning & Management and RQA’s Food Forensics™ contaminant investigation. RQA offers the most comprehensive quality and risk management support available. RQA’s other services include Physical recall from stores, Retail Quality Audits, Counterfeit Investigation, Consumer Complaint Retrieval and Product Retrieval.   For further information, please visit www.rqa-inc.com and www.rqa-group.com. Or contact l.platt@rqa-inc.com or v.shiers@rqa-group.com


About Security Exchange Limited

Security Exchange forms part of the Security & Crisis Management Division of the Chelsea Group, the leading global security and resource management company. Since 1990 the management team has been providing specialist insurance risk management consultancy services to its clients, including underwriters, brokers and their insureds across a diverse range of disciplines including Kidnap & Ransom, Product Contamination, Terrorism & Political Violence, Marine Piracy, Aviation and Cybercrime. For further information, please visit www.securityexchange24.com and www.chelseagroupworldwide.com. Or contact RReid@securityexchange24.com or JWalters@securityexchange24.com.