Product Retrieval

Product retrieval projects – RQA has the global capability to carry our product retrieval projects. When we say global, we really mean global.

We can offer product retrieval services in Europe, the Americas as well as Asia, Australia and beyond. We offer excellent client service, regular updates on the product retrieval projects and highly competitive prices.

Product retrieval services – we can purchase products from any part of the world and have them sent to you. These could be your own products or your competitors. You may be an institute or agency carrying out sensory tests. You may just want a specific product “in your hands” or a large number of units to carry out consumer trials. If you do regular tests on your products at retail, the RQA product retrieval will purchase products from stores and send them back to you or a nominated lab for testing. Whatever your needs, RQA can help with the product retrieval element of the project.

If you require a product retrieval, we will need the following information:

1. Name of product
2. Images of products (if possible)
3. Number of units required
4. Specific date codes if required
5. Any requirements for pack size
6. Any requirements for product age (e.g. minimum days remaining on shelf life)
7. Any requirements for storage and shipping e.g. ambient, chilled, frozen.
8. Countries where product is sold (if known)
9. Where you want the products delivered to
10. Frequency – e.g. one-off or monthly
11. Your deadline date

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